Our Story

Founders Megan and Lucy started Rocket & Bloom in the grand year of 2020.  

Meeting at college back in 2012 we both went on to study Fashion Design together at University in Sheffield. Throughout our degree we collaborated numerous times on projects and live briefs. That's when we said we should one day, just one day start a brand up together. 

8 years later Rocket & Bloom was born.
Expecting her first child Megan saw a gap in the market for cool unisex baby clothes. With her not finding out the gender of the baby this is something that sparked creativity for both of us. This was our opportunity to create a collection that is focused on sustainability and gender neutral design. We have gone on to expand our collection to widen the products for our customers. 

Sustainability is a very important concept to the both of us, all of our products are handmade to order in the UK. This is something we are extremely proud of. 

We hope to carry on bringing out strong capsule launches that have a good range and choice. Lots of exciting things to come!


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