R I S E + S U N S H I N E

Wake up to our “R I S E   +   S U N S H I N E” line. 

Easy, breezy and effortless chalking in memories with our striped, unisex “Hopscotch” Dungos. Spinning roly poly’s down the daisy bank hill in the rustic, country style “Bugsy” walkers or just simply in the garden having a family picnic, pocketing treasures in our Wild West “Hoppy” dress/skirt.

This nostalgic collection takes us to our younger selves to a much simpler time, inspired by childhood memories.

“There’s no place like home” -Dorothy Gale - Wizard of Oz (1939)

Cool, breathable and easy to wash fabrics from cotton linens, seersucker to of course Gingham.

All together bringing in your mamas old tablecloth with a loving, wholesome feel to the collection.

Did you know: Gingham is very economical for dress making or home furnishings as there is no right or wrong side to the fabric.