Fed Is Best!

The biggest hurdle for me has been getting over the worry of having something negative said to me whilst out and about feeding my child. How bizarre is that when you think of it like that? very. 
Breastfeeding, never let anyone tell you it’s wrong! My god it’s right for so many reasons, whatever choice you make is right because it’s YOUR choice! Bottle or boob both are completely RIGHT! 

I wasn’t too nervous about the whole “will I be able to do it, will I not” situation. I always said throughout my pregnancy that if I could breastfeed then that would be good, if I couldn’t that would be fine too. 
I saw a post recently about all the negativity behind bottle feeding, how we should only promote “breast is best” FALSE! It spoke about how we should talk about ALL feeding! No feeding technique is wrong, don’t let anyone make you feel that way.

Going back to the beginning of my journey, I never put any pressure on myself leading up to those first days.
I think that was the best thing I could of done.  Yes those first few weeks are, exactly how they describe.. toe curling. It’s no bed of roses, it’s hard ass work. 
I couldn’t thank the breastfeeding support team enough, they are incredible humans! (Even if most of my appointments where actually over the phone, damn you COVID) 

I can definitely say there has been many times when I could have easily gone “I can’t do this anymore” however I’m still here breastfeeding my 20 week old (very hungry) baby, and yes she is growing (a lot). That’s the very reason I’m so proud of myself for getting this far and watching her grow and develop from Mommas Magic Milk! It’s worth all the sleepless nights feeding, cold dinners and eating with one hand (whilst feeding), the painful parts and everything else in between. 

So to conclude my second ever blog post, whatever choice you make.. make it YOUR choice. Don’t let anyone influence how YOU want to feed YOUR baby! 

Smash it Momma! You’ve totally got this 🤍


Thank you for reading, 

All my love Megan, The new (to all this) Mum. xxx


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