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Fed Is Best!

The biggest hurdle for me has been getting over the worry of having something negative said to me whilst out and about feeding my child. How bizarre is that when you think of it like that? very. Breastfeeding, never let anyone tell you it’s wrong! My god it’s right for so many reasons, whatever choice you make is right because it’s YOUR choice! Bottle or boob both are completely RIGHT!  I wasn’t too nervous about the whole “will I be able to do it, will I not” situation. I always said throughout my pregnancy that if I could breastfeed then that would be good, if I couldn’t that would be fine too. I saw a post recently about all the negativity behind bottle...

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The final day

Hello everyone,  This is me Megan writing an extremely delayed post about pre-birth when I was in fact supposed to start this blog during my pregnancy. Who knew that babies take up A LOT of time, like no matter how many times people tell you this, I mean I believed them but thought they were exaggerating slightly ... nope! They were not exaggerating.  So here I am 6 weeks into having a very time consuming little boo thinking how on earth have I only just starting writing this?! I was originally due on the 8th of April however my little bundle of joy had other plans for me; she knew I’d washed her clothing the day before so technically I was ready...

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